World Cup Fever

Like in most places in the world, futbol is by far the most popular sport. Since the World Cup match ups were announced in the early spring, people have been afflicted with World Cup Fever. The most popular teams here is probably Argentina. People also love Spain and Germany. Guatemala is not in the world […]

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Earlier in the year we took a ride to Chinautla, a town just outside Guatemala City. It is a town described in a book written by our friend’s father. Ruben Reina, father of Roger, was an anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania. In the 1950s and 60s, he did a lot of research on the […]

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Celia and Steve Visit

Celia and Steve, our cousins, visited in March. They flew into Guatemala City at the tail end of a trip that included the coast of Belize and Tikal in the Peten region of Guatemala. The first night they stayed close to us at a hotel in Cayala, a relatively new upscale shopping center modeled after […]

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Santa Semana Vacation – Staying

Our adventures traveling between different locations during our vacation were chronicled in our last blog entry. This entry is about our stays in each location: Semuc Champey, Tikal, and Rio Dulce. Semuc Champey We stayed at Utopia Hotel. It is very beautiful and somewhat hippie-ish (free yoga classes a.m. and p.m., etc.). We swam in […]

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Coming Soon

We haven’t posted for a while, but soon add a bunch. We have been doing things around the city with friends, experiencing interesting cultural events with our Spanish class, and continuing to evolve in our school life. Celia and Steve have visited and we just got back from an adventure on the eastern side of […]

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