Leo’s Birthday

The celebrating started in the morning before school on November 16 when Sadie gave Leo his present, the Recon Mk II (a nerf gun). In school that day, Leo celebrated with classmates. A couple of days later on Saturday, we celebrated with our family and six of Leo’s friends at Adventure Mountain. We played smash […]

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Dia De Los Muertos

November 1st is Dia De Los Muertos, when Guatemalans connect with the ancestors. Messages are attached to kites and flown up to dead loved ones. Many people spend all day in the cemetery. They bring food and things that remind them of their ancestors. Fiambre is a feast eaten both at the cemetery and after. […]

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El Paredon

Revolution Day in Guatemala is October 20. It marks the end of a period of authoritarian rule. The popular revolution led to free elections, the expansion of literacy, and the transfer of land to poor and often indigenous people, from whom land had been taken since colonization. This period of Guatemalan history ended with the […]

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In September, we visited Hobbitenango, a small eco-resort close to Antiqua. A quick glance at the rooms make it clear how it was named. The land for Hobbitenango was originally obtained after the revolution of 1944 when land was transferred to poor folks for farming. After generations, the plot was divided and family members decided […]

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Spanish Class Trips

We are all taking Spanish Classes. Virginia and Mike take classes after school. Our teacher is Walter, an amazing guy who loves Guatemala passionately and takes every opportunity to expose us to many aspects of its history and culture. Our first trip was to the Popol Vuh, a museum of Mayan history (no pictures). We […]

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Lake Atitlan

Our friends Mark and Julie own this property in San Antonio on Lake Atitlan. Mark teaches 5th grade with Mike. He and Julie sold their house in Seattle last year and moved to Guatemala with their two teenaged children, Alison and Harrison. Within a year, they bought this place. We stayed in the guest house […]

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